ShapeUp New Regulations and Rules, The Highest Level Safety Policies for Our Health:

Our members, instructors and working staff are our family - and family takes care of each other. So when we sat down to put new safety measures in place, we went beyond the required guidelines of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

As of June 20th 2020 we re-open our studio with new regulations and rules. In order to see the details of our new regulations, check the icons below, but keep in mind this is just a start. We have a few more upgrades in the works, and as we learn more, we’ll be constantly fine - tuning and updating this page with the latest - so you can always check back here.

We’ve always been dedicated to the cleanliness of our studio and the health and safety of our community. Now we’re taking it to an even higher level.

ShapeUp Health and Safety Regulations:

The safety of our community has always been our top priority, and we’re even more focused on it now. To set the tone for our industry, we’ve made changes to how we operate - all designed to keep our members, staff, and instructors safe. Here are all the changes you can expect once we open:

 Our Heightened Deep Cleansing Process

More Frequent Cleaning with Top Grade Disinfectant 

Intensive cleaning process will be applied before and after classes and more frequently, detailed in-studio cleaning with high quality disinfectant approved by the Ministry of Health.

Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces 

High-frequency places such as door handles, lighting buttons, disinfectant stations, lockers, sinks, toilets, sitting areas, locker locks, computer, iPas, phones etc. will be disinfected periodically.

Disinfecting of All Megaformer Machines and Yoga Mats

After every class all equipments in the studio will be thoroughly disinfected - even if not in use.

New In-Studio Layouts:

Considering the social distancing conditions for our Megaformer and Yoga studio, we arranged a new layout. In this new arrangement, participation in both studios is limited to 7 people. In addition, the positions of the mats in the yoga studio are marked with a sticker on the floor, we strongly request that you stick to these directions for the health of all of us.

Revised Class Schedule:

The starting time of Megaformer and Yoga classes will not be in the same time frame, until further notification. This precaution will help us to minimize the number of people present in the studio at the same time.

Using Disinfectant Doormat at Each Entrance to the Studio

All members, instructors, staff or cafe visitors are obliged to step on disinfectant doormat before entering the studio. We are responsible for in-studio cleaning, but we ask you to take care to implement it in the most correct way. Also, we kindly request that you leave your shoes in the dressing room in order not to bring shoes into the studio.

Staff Mask and Glove Usage

The use of masks is mandatory for all personnel during their working hours. Gloves will be changed with great care and with frequent intervals during cleaning.

Fresh Air Device and Air Conditioners’ System Maintenance

The maintenance of our fresh air device and air conditioners and filter cleaning operations were carried out more thoroughly, and all future maintenance operations were planned more frequently throughout the period.

ShapeUp Store

Our in-studio product sales will continue, but we kindly ask you to to clean your hands with disinfectant before handling. It is not allowed to try the products (before purchase) until further notification.

Before and After Class


Temperature Check

It is mandatory for all members, staff, instructors or cafe visitors to have their temperatures checked upon their entrance to the studio. Due to security measures, people with 38 or more fever will be asked to observe their fever for three days and not visit the studio until it gets back to normal.

Our Social Distancing Implementation

While all our colleagues pay attention to implement our social distance conditions, we kindly request that you keep your distance by paying attention to the directions given by our staff.

Contactless Registration

If you are visiting ShapeUp for the first time and you are going to register, our desk personnel can create your registration quickly and contactless with the help of ShapeUp App and QR code. You won't need to touch any pen or iPad.

Cleaning All the Equipment After the Class

The cleaning of the area we live in, is our responsibility, for ourselves and those around us, please make sure to thoroughly clean the machine, mat, block, belt, etc. you use after the class, with alcohol-containing liquids and wipes provided by the studio. Those who prefer can also clean it before usage or bring their own mat (which we will also require to be cleaned before class).

Locker Room Person Limitation

The number of people present in the locker room is limited to a maximum of two people, and we kindly request you to follow this rule for yourself and those around you. In order to minimize the potential risk, we encourage everyone to come ready for the class, avoiding long usage of the locker room!

Open Lockers are Cleaned and Available to Use

All the lockers with open doors have been properly cleaned, sanitized and are available for use. We kindly request you to close the locker after use, so we can clean it for the next person. Although the outer and inner surfaces of the cabinets are cleaned periodically during the day, we kindly request that you carefully follow this rule for yourself and those around you.

Being Late To Class

In accordance with our hygiene policy, the participants who will come to the studio after the class starts, will not be accepted. We kindly request you to be in the studio with a minimum of 5 minutes prior, to make sure the cleaning procedures can be implemented efficiently. If you are attending for the first time, please make sure to enter the studio 15 minutes prior to class.

Activation of Existing Packages

We kindly ask all our current active members to send us an e-mail to with the request to activate their existing packages. All remaining packages will be automaticly reactivated as of September 1st.

Reservation Cancellation

We take our reservation policy very seriously, so that the already reduced course capacities are accessible to everyone. For this reason, our 12-hour cancellation policy has been valid again.

Parking usage policy

We kindly request that you park your vehicles personally and come before the start of the class to avoid any fuss.


Shower Access

Showers will not be available until further notice.

High Touch Amenities

Amenities such as towels, blankets, hairdryers, ear litter, make-up remover, buckles etc. will not be available until further notice. Our free towel service has been temporarily suspended for safety purposes.

Limitation of Cash Payments

In order to minimize hand contact, we kindly request you to use a credit card whenever possible in your studio shopping. You can make your package purchases online via ShapeUp App or using credit card in the studio.


Keeping Each Other Safe is Our Mutual Responsibility

Let's not forget that the only way for our new safety regulations to be implemented in the most efficient way is to fulfill our responsibility!

Throughout this period, be sure to stick to our social distance practice, especially in the entrance and waiting areas (let us remind you that no more than 2 people can be  in the locker room at the same time). Please make sure to pay attention and follow the signs and stickers that are placed around  the studio.

If you have any signs of cold or flue (cough, fever, weakness, etc.), please stay at home until you are sure the symptoms disappear.  In these cases, please, but please do not think about your reservations, yes, we want everyone to benefit from the service we offer, but your health is far more important to us.

Our dear members, we invite you to avoid physical contact, please try not to hug, kiss or even shake hands while in the studio. Although, love and sharing are part of our nature, we are sure that we can find much more original solutions to share our love!

We understand that this is a tiring process for all of us, but trust us, from the moment you step into the studio, we will wait for you with excitement and still will do everything possible to help you to escape from your daily stress. Our goal is to motivate you with positive energy every time you step your foot in our studio! ShapeUp, is now safer than ever and is counting the days to meet you again!

It Always Moves Forward and Is Always on Track of The Current Situation

We take every precaution to keep our ShapeUp family safe and encourage you to do the same. During this time, we are extremely aware of the possibility of a second wave and we are ready.

In the event of a possible case of virus appears, rapid actions will be taken immediately. All the records will be followed and anyone who has been in contact or in the same environment will be informed. Next, we will take action to clean the studio from top to bottom to prevent the possibility of spread.

Although we hope that this situation will never happen, it is very important that we continue our lives by considering other environmental factors that exist outside of ShapeUp.

Whether you come to the studio or join us online, we are here for you! You can reach us on for any questions and concerns!