Teacher Training

Future ShapeUp Instructors

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ShapeUp Teacher Training Starts on November 5th

General Terms & Conditions

  • ShapeUp only accepts online booking for group classes. Personal classes are booked only via e-mail, whatsapp or message through application. In order to book your class, you must have a class credit in your account.
  • All services must be pre-paid.
  • Classes are non-refundable, exchangeable, or transferable.
  • VAT is not included in our prices.
  • Extending the package usage time can only be applied for packages of 50 SUC and above. If there is a serious health condition that prevents member from attending classes and a doctor's report is submitted for it, the package can be extended with the maximum time extension for half of the current package time.
  • Members who do not have any serious illness and request a package extension, can extend the package validity with purchasing 25 SUC or above packages by combining the duration of the new package they have purchased and its SUCs with the existing package they want to extend.
  • There's instalment option without limit blocking for the packages are valid more then two mounth.
  • Grip socks must be worn during the Megaformer class for hygienic and safety reasons. For the ones who forget theirs, we have them at the studio available for purchase.
  • ShapeUp reserves the right to add group classes to the scheduled private class hours.
  • The Megaformer and Yoga+ studios open 15 minutes before class. First timers on Megaformer must arrive no later than 10 minutes before class starts for a safety orientation on the machine.
  • If you're running late and have not notified the studio by email or phone your spot may be given to a standby member. Please note, in order to maintain the flow of the class, our instructors lock the studio door 5 minutes after class start.

Class Cancellations

  • We have a 12 hours cancellation policy. That means if you cancel your class 12 hours before the class you will receive your credit back onto your account. 
  • Classes that are cancelled within 12 hours before the class start will be considered late cancellation and charged as if attended.
  • All group classes should be cancelled online. In order to do that log into ShapeUp application, go to My Reservations, and click Cancel next to the preffered class time. 
  • Personal classes can be canceled via phone call, whatsapp, e-mail or application message.

Waitlist Policy

  • If the class you want to attend is full, you can join the waitlist. To join the waitlist you must have a class credit in your account. If a spot opens up, you will be notified by SMS or ShapeUp App notification. Once your approval obtained, you’ll be registered for class and credit will be reduced from your account.